Revision of history
Long Island Advance December 10, 2009

County Executive Steve Levy in the article "Another round involving Trap & Skeet" again is making several statements about the Trap & Skeet that are not true. The first is that "he inherited a Trap & Skeet program from a previous administration." What he fails to mention is that the Request for Proposal which Mr. Wroobel responded to was issued in May of 2005, when Mr. Levy was in office. All the resolutions passed by the County Legislature allocating money for the range (Resolution 277/278 in 2004, Resolutions 1375/1376 in 2004 and Resolutions 1266/1267 in 2005) providing $800,000 for noise moderation, environmental restoration and other improvements were: 1) introduced by the presiding officer at the request of Levy; and 2) were signed and approved by Steve Levy himself. Are these the actions of someone who had no involvement with the reopening of this range?

Our civic association never asked Levy "for money for noise abatement." Actually, the Suffolk County Parks Department went before the Pine Barrens Commission in December 2004 for a noise wall and the cost was $395,000. This is the same figure used by Mark Wroobel in his proposal to the county. Not sure where Levy got the $1 million figure. What the civic did ask of the county executive was that he work with us to find a solution to the noise problem, to meet with the community, and was there any possibility that the range could be relocated. To this day, Levy has never met with the community and is spending thousands of dollars of taxpayers’ money to fight the town in court over the numerous noise violations given to the range.

Johan McConnell, president
South Yaphank Civic Association