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Regarding the Suffolk County Parks Committee meeting on the Trap and Skeet issue, despite the large number of range supporters (many, if not most, of whom either don’t live in Suffolk County or don’t actually use the range), I do not recall any of them referencing a documented fact or even the basic issue itself, which is that the range is operating in violation of the law. There was nothing that could be supported by the facts as they exist in the reams of documentation (most of it from Suffolk County itself) regarding the range; information that the county legislature has been well aware of since as far back as 2002; information that clearly establishes the primacy of the Brookhaven Town noise law and that the county and its licensee are bound by its restrictions. 

These facts come from sources such as  county agencies and committees, the county’s  own attorney, legislators, park trustees, three  taxpayer-funded range studies and count - less other sources, including correspondence  from Brookhaven officials denying the county  any exemption to its law, as well as Pine Barrens Commission documents demonstrating  a plethora of additional restrictions. This wealth of information clearly illustrates that the county cannot effectively mitigate noise (without a Hardship Exemption) cannot comply with local law (without a noise exemption from Brookhaven) and was informed by way of the 2002 Hansen Consulting Study that, “a long-term solution would be to relocate the range to a more remote location...” 

The so-called “lawmakers” of Suffolk County choose fealty and spineless conciliation to woefully uninformed special interest groups over the needs of its own citizens, to the rule of law and to the tens of thousands of pages of its own documentation clearly asserting that reopening the range would be a huge mistake. The legislature’s submissiveness and fear has created the situation we  have today – contempt for the law and the  hemorrhaging of hundreds of thousands of  taxpayer dollars, trying to somehow justify  what everyone with an ounce of common  sense knew well beforehand; that the Suffolk County Trap and Skeet range should never  have been reopened. 


John Palasek 




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