Long Island Advance, 09 May 2013


We are going to ask the Suffolk County Legislature a question.

Do reports count?
And which ones?

Because if it involves selective choosing, then the county is in big trouble. Also, money is being wasted on them because, honestly, what good do they do? The Parks and Recreation Committee shot down a request from Legis. Kate Browning to close the Suffolk County Trap and Skeet.

The consensus was that the noise issue was in litigation, so letís wait for the decision. From the get-go, the county made a big mistake in approving Mark Wroobelís application without being clear about noise violation jurisdiction. He had a right to apply; the location was just all wrong.  The subsequent haggling began from there. The county wasnít going to be the municipality that oversaw noise mitigation, the town was. So who cared about the subsequent lawsuits?

Hmm, residential area, one lane each way in traffic across from the facility, increased housing around the facility that began with just a few people coming. Note, a few people.

Everyone is saying it was always there. With a few people coming and a limited amount of residents. But development was in the pipeline. Wroobel had a legitimate business in mind and was the only one who came forward; the county should have thought about the residents and environmental issues that have resulted from the approval. As our stewards, you protect us.

And, in all fairness, if this had been thought out, Wroobel would have been in a better place. No one has paid attention to the repeated warnings, reports, comments from the countyís legal counsels, consultants the county has used and legislators from years back about the noise issue, its location on an aquifer and the lead buildup, except in this case, Browning provided a detailed packet. By the way, itís a stoneís throw from the Carmans River. You know, the river you had numerous voluminous reports produced regarding its protection.

Both Browning and Councilwoman Connie Kepert have been on top of this and the town is pursuing the violations. Itís in court yet again on an appeal. Wroobel said he would consider noise mitigation if it was done correctly. But the county waited too long. And he said he would be agreeable to relocation if it were a good spot.

So, please, donít authorize any more reports, especially environmental ones. Because itís wasting our hard-earned taxpayer money.