Something needs to close, but it shouldn’t be Foley 


Yet another double-standard is demonstrated by Steve Bellone; this time in a half-page diatribe threatening to shut down the Foley Nursing Facility — one of the last truly good and altruistic things left in this county — while completely ignoring the one thing in Yaphank that really should be shut down, which of course is the county’s illegal, mismanaged and quality-of-life-destroying Trap and Skeet Range.

Mr. Bellone chooses to ignore the legitimate concerns of thousands of law-abiding people being forced to endure the presence of a facility which was pronounced guilty of violating the law and which offers no benefit to anyone other than for the law-breaking people who use it. Unlike the Foley Nursing Facility, the shooting range has caused the devaluation of hundreds of homes, the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax revenue to schools, essential services and to the Town of Brookhaven, has compromised a 1,300-acre county park, has cost the taxpayers of Suffolk County additional hundreds of thousands of dollars funding pointless court battles over laws that everyone knew existed, all while earning no money for the county. 

It is mind-boggling to think that our county executive would allow a place such as this is to remain open while the Foley Nursing Facility — a place that is the polar opposite of the shooting range, a place that actually helps people, is treated by Mr. Bellone as if it were some trivial item on a table at a garage sale. 

So Mr. Bellone’s message is what?

That when choosing between two county facilities, the one that breaks the law on a daily basis and negatively impacts everything around it is protected while the one that has a 100-plus year history of providing skilled care for those who cannot afford such care anywhere else and that works to improve the quality of life of those people is thrown under the bus?

What kind of leader chooses lawlessness and negativity over helping those who cannot help themselves? 

John Palasek 
South Yaphank Civic Association