Letter to Bellone regarding Trap & Skeet


I am replaying in my mind excerpts from your State of the County Address from Feb. 19 and I cannot get past the hypocrisy in relation to the Suffolk County Trap and Skeet Range in Yaphank. You said that you want to close the county-operated Foley Nursing Home if the county is not allowed to sell it.  

Applying similar logic, you should be focusing on closing the trap and skeet range, since it is not in compliance with the established noise law. That particular county facility breaks the law every single, solitary day that it is open. On Dec. 3, 2012 the Sixth District Court officially declared that the range was guilty of violating the established Brookhaven Noise Law (enacted in 1987). The trap and skeet range does not abide by “existing laws,” which is a patent violation of the Operator Agreement and grounds for closure. 

Similarly, you state that you cannot continue to ask taxpayers to subsidize the nursing home. Well I cannot imagine that the range operates as a cash-positive facility.  The legal defense costs incurred by the county must be staggering. And those costs will continue to accrue, as Brookhaven Town Supervisor Ed Romaine has pledged to continue the town’s efforts to enforce its noise law against the shooting range. 

Lastly, during your election campaign you extolled to area residents (on numerous occasions) that you were aware, sympathetic and would take action in regard to the issues generated by the shooting range. However, you do not answer any correspondence from affected citizens or civic organizations. That is unacceptable behavior for an elected official. So I ask you, Mr. Bellone: Why are you taking so long to acknowledge the violation of law occurring by Suffolk County under your administration? 

Christopher Broszeit