State of County address okay but points to Trap & Skeet


After watching Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone’s State of the County speech and even agreeing with many of the things he addressed, I have to take exception with one aspect of his presentation. He spoke of crime, specifically recidivism, and though this is something that should be addressed, it’s difficult to take Mr.  Bellone seriously on this issue.

By  definition, recidivism is a repeated  and habitual relapse into criminal  behavior and it’s hard to believe  that the county executive is sincere  in his desire to discourage such  lawlessness, since he himself  engages in that very same behavior  on an almost daily basis, by  allowing Suffolk County’s Trap and  Skeet range to continue to operate  despite its having been found guilty  of violating the laws of the Town of  Brookhaven. 

Call me crazy, but I think that if you’re going to portray yourself as a “lawmaker” professing to be “tough on crime,” you shouldn’t be breaking the law yourself. Mr. Bellone’s comments reek of hypocrisy, as Suffolk County and the taxpayers who support its existence are complicit in the very conduct he claims to want to discourage.  

John Palasek