Still wants the trap and skeet to move


I was sick to my stomach after hearing of the two men who lost their lives in a gun range shooting (“American Sniper” author shot at Texas gun range). Three men attended the range together with guns, but only one left. The third man shot them to death. Recently, a letter in which I expressed concern over the Yaphank trap and skeet range dangers, and unknown possibilities that could occur was rebuffed by a Mr. Beilstein.

As I stated in my letter, anything like this could occur at any time. Having a gun range in the middle of a residential area is an accident just waiting to happen. The shooter of the two men entered the range and at some point, decided to, or snapped, but regardless of the reason he had, he shot dead two innocent people, right there in the range and just walked away. It could have been a lot worse, if a person decided to start shooting outside a range in a residential area where homes, children and bus stops are located.

No one is taking away any of the shooters’ rights. We are asking that the range be closed and another opened in an area that does not put the public at risk. If the shooters are so dedicated to their sport, there should be no problem for them to travel to another location away from homes, school buses, etc., to do what they love. It’s time to step up to the plate, Mr. Bellone. As a leader you need to do the right thing now. 

Elizabeth Schandel