Asking county executive for help on Trap and Skeet



The residents of Yaphank have been fortunate to end the year 2012 with legal affirmation of our gripe with Suffolk County over the noise factory that it allows to operate (aka the Suffolk Trap and Skeet Range in Southaven Park). On Dec. 3, the Sixth District Court officially declared that the range is guilty of violating the Brookhaven Noise Law. This is the exact law that has been ignored by the prior county executive (ignoring a law does not make it go away). Our new County Executive Steve Bellone has admitted during his election campaign that the range is disruptive and that the hamlets surrounding the range have a right to enjoy the same quality of life as residents in other towns that do not have a shooting range in their backyard.

Since the Nov. 9, 2011 election victory of Steve Bellone, our community has been corresponding with and meeting with the Office of the County Executive.
Extensive factual history has been presented and alternate land use proposals have been suggested. Important documentation relating to a very limited post-closure liability to prepare the land vs. the touted millions of dollars to clean up the site argument has been actualized. The largest closing cost, application of a topsoil layer of the active site, has been offered by a local business as a no-cost donation to the county. Bearing this in mind, I have to ask why it is taking so long to have the county executive take an official position on this issue, which negatively affects the daily lives of hundreds of homes and thousands of residents and park-goers.

The facts are all there; the tools to right the prior wrongdoings are in front of you.
The time has come to proceed with the closing of the Suffolk Trap and Skeet Range in Yaphank. 


Christopher Broszeit