Calling on Bellone to close gun range



I am appalled and sad that once again there was another horrifi c episode involving guns, with the sad end result of 20 innocent deaths. Yet, at the same time, our county executive still does nothing about the Suffolk County Trap and Skeet Shooting Range in Yaphank. It just keeps going on and on, with no end in sight. You have a vendor who refuses to abide by the town law and has not made any attempt whatsoever to mitigate the excessive sounds destroying the quality of life for the neighbors. You have school bus stops along Gerard Road, which is where the gun range entrance is. You have residents’ homes within a few feet of the range. No one knows what mind set any one of these shooters may have at any moment. No one knows who is shooting in this range. God forbid, anyone of them could snap and start shooting at anything and/or anyone, at any time. Need I say more?

A gun range does not belong in a residential area. Period. The end. It’s time, Mr. Bellone, you stop walking a picket fence and stand up as a leader and a parent, and say, ‘enough, it’s over, done and close it down NOW.’ God forbid something like the recent episodes of shootings does occur in our own backyard. Could you live with yourself knowing that you could have avoided the entire situation but decided not to? As a Suffolk County resident and a taxpayer whose taxes have gone into funding this dangerous sport, I am appealing to all residents of Suffolk County to call, email or write to our county executive demanding that this unsafe, dangerous range in a residential area be shut down immediately. Please stand together and help us to protect our families. 


Elizabeth Schandel