A letter to County Executive Steve Bellone and all decision makers

Long Island Advance December 20, 2012

Considering what has just trans­pired in Connecticut, what kind of example is Suffolk County setting, allowing your illegally operating gun range — which was recently found guilty of violating the Town of Brookhaven’s noise law in Suffolk County 6th District Court — to open the day after this horrific massacre? My wife, kids and many others began to cry the moment they heard the gunshots yesterday and … again today.

This is insensitive, an insult to law and decency, and a bad example to all, showing that it is fine to break the law while buying and using guns.

In review: Suffolk County is break­ing laws daily, turning a deaf ear to over 20 years of complaints from law-abiding citizens, ignoring fines levied by law enforcement agents repre­senting the Town of Brookhaven, and finally, a court decision uphold­ing the fact that your gun range is in violation of accepted law is ignored; your licensee was arrested on gun charges in Nassau County by DA Rice last year.

Yet the range is open and operating as if nothing has ever happened.

Can anyone in Brookhaven or Suffolk County explain why this is? Why do we have laws on the books? He chose to take a chance and lost. He is clear violation of his contract he signed with Suffolk County. It is a dangerous precedent you are en­abling and allowing. Close the gun range now, not later.

Doug Steigerwald