Trap & Skeet Appellate Decision
a Victory for Town

Brookhaven Press Release, November 17, 2009
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November 17, 2009 Yaphank: Yesterday New York State’s Appellate Court rendered a decision denying Suffolk County's and Hunter Sport's order to Show cause to stay the prosecution of the noise ordinance violations in District Court. This decision means that the Town of Brookhaven can now move forward with deliberate speed to enforce and issue valid violations.

The Town of Brookhaven has fought Hunter Sports, the operator of the Trap & Skeet Range, and Suffolk County for over 3 years to give back to the people living adjacent to the Trap & Skeet Range their right to live in peace.

"Today's decision by the Appellate division Second Department denying the County's and Hunter Sport's order to Show cause is a great win for the people of the Town and the residents of South Yaphank," stated Councilwoman Connie Kepert.

The Town hired a nationally renowned noise expert to document that the noise migrating off the Trap & Skeet site far exceeded town’s allowable limits. (Brookhaven’s Noise Code is set at 65 decibels.) The sound levels that were measured from gunshots at residences on Gerard, Leslie, and John streets measured consistently well above 65 decibels, at times reaching beyond 80 decibels, and constitute an “unambiguous” violation of Brookhaven’s Noise Code. The Town trained its Public Safety officers to operate the noise meter and issued dozens of violations to Hunter Sports since June 13. The Town also sought to have the Pine Barrens Commission determine that the reopening of the Trap & Skeet range constitutes development within the core.

"Hunter Sports, Suffolk County’s concessionaire, unfortunately fought the Town of Brookhaven at every turn: suing the Town for enforcing its noise ordinance and demanding that the court stop us from issuing summonses. Finally, after fighting in the courts for 3 years the court has refused to further delay the rightful prosecution of Town Law," stated Ms. Kepert.

Councilwoman Connie Kepert has repeatedly called for the closing of the Trap & Skeet shooting range at Southaven Park, citing that the range severely impacts the quality of life for local residents.