Address the Trap & Skeet and Legacy Village

Long Island Advance March 31, 2011

Mr. Levy, before you exit the Suffolk County Executive position to “pursue other interests,” perhaps you can right some of the wrongs that you have bestowed upon my community. Seeing as you no longer have to be concerned with reelection strategy and can actually direct policy with the best interest of the local citizenry and commonwealth, I implore you to close the Suffolk County Trap & Skeet Range in Southaven Park and abandon the outrageous proposition of Legacy Village.

You have all of the necessary documentation and reason to close the range and eliminate the costly legal battle that has been ensuing since 2006. The recent arrest of Mark Wroobel (the vendor of the facility) on illegal weapons distribution is just icing on the cake. Please return the local residents and park-goers a noise-free and lead-free environment to live in, like the rest of Long Island enjoys. Legacy Village is an absurdly grandiose proposition and does not serve the needs of Long Islanders. Let the private sector develop real estate, not the county. If you are so concerned with the housing needs of Long Islanders then concentrate on the plethora of available homes in established neighborhoods. Subsidize low interest mortgages and construction loans. Integrate, don’t isolate. Please abandon the notion to build a secluded community in an environmentally sensitive watershed area of the Pine Barrens. Hopefully, you will find solace in doing the right thing.

Christopher Broszeit