Open Letter To Steve Levy
Long Island Advance August 2, 2007

Since you re-opened the Trap and Skeet Gun Facility in Southaven Park a year ago, we have displayed protest signs on our property along our backyard. During the night of July 4, someone shot one of our protest signs. The police officer that responded to our call on July 5 stated that it was three shots from a shotgun, and he recovered two of the shells. The gun shot went through the sign and our fence.  Since then we have witnessed cars pulling over and individuals jumping out and kicking down the signs, driving by and yelling obscenities day and night, and our garbage being strewn across the road.  The community has documented a very long list of other incidents that seemingly coincide shortly after any form of protesting or public speaking against the gun range. All incidents have been reported to COPE.

You seem to think this was a great idea, re-opening a closed gun range in a growing residential area, but we can assure you it was not. It is time for you to take action and stop the insanity. The situation is out of hand and is getting worse.

We are appalled that you have re-opened this facility and yet you have not come to see firsthand what you have inflicted on us. You have destroyed the quality of our lives and thousands of others. The constant sound of impulse gunshot noise is enough to make any sane person mad.  Maybe the residents here should come to your neighborhood on a Sunday morning at 9 a.m. and share the “Sounds of Yaphank” with you. We are sure your family and neighbors would not appreciate the startling sound, and just maybe, you would call code enforcement and ask them to issue noise violation tickets to us.  We hope the campaign benefits you received for this debacle were worth it knowing you have destroyed our peace and the negative impact you have had on thousands of lives. It’s all on your shoulders now, Levy.

Joanne Steigerwald