Follow the money  
Long Island Advance November 29, 2007

Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy says he has to veto a variety of budget items claiming, “The more spending that is added to the base of the budget, the harder it is to control taxes.”

But Levy didn’t see a problem with allocating over $1 million for his environmentally hazardous shooting range in Southaven Park. He claimed that the money was set aside for noise abatement and lead cleanup. Proper noise abatement cannot ever be installed there because it would violate state Pine Barrens laws against new construction.  Lead cleanup can never be done effectively because large tracts of vegetation would have to be removed to do so, which again violates state law. In fact, he just spent about $40,000 to have some ridiculous padding installed on vertical surfaces around the range in a feeble attempt at noise abatement, yet readings taken after the material was installed showed even higher noise levels than before, so there’s 40 grand spent for nothing.

So why is it that Levy says he can’t afford $630,000 in spending for various not-for-profit organizations including Little Leagues, food pantries and agencies serving senior citizens, $300,000 for the Suffolk County Legal Aid Society and $29,500 for a Suffolk County

Community College mentoring program, but he has no problem with dumping a million bucks—which could go towards these various organizations into his pet project of a shooting range which can never be operated legally and is polluting the environment on a daily basis?

John Palasek