What makes things even more frustrating is the fact that the majority of the business conducted at our very own, taxpayer-funded shooting range is not the destruction of clay pigeons, but rather the blatant sale of firearms.

Hunter Sports (the Licensee at the range) is a Gun Store based in Massapequa and through a loophole in its contract with Suffolk County is SELLING GUNS right here in Yaphank.  Not just shotguns (which are used for skeet shooting, but rifled firearms – pistols and rifles such as the Glock 9mm and the AR-15 used in the Connecticut massacre.
The loophole being exploited is one that disallows the sale of anything other than shotguns or shotgun-related gear at the range, but does not prohibit the purchase of rifles and pistols from Hunter Sports in Massapeaqua from being delivered to the Suffolk County Trap and Skleet Range so that their customers can pick up their purchases without having to drive all the way in to Massapequa. 

On the Suffolk County Clays website it tells the reader:   “Our Pro Shop is open every day the range is open and fully stocked...  If we don't have it, ask and in most cases we can have it delivered from Hunters Sports Shop in the same day. (Click through to see about our Pro Shop.)” 

The basic pitch is to come shoot skeet and while you’re breaking the law here, a “runner” will be dispatched from Hunter Sports in Massapequa with your purchase so it will be ready for you when you’re finished.  This way, no “rules” are being violated because there is no actual inventory of rifled firearms on the premises yet one can purchase any such firearm “online” and have it delivered here.
So in effect and for all intents and purposes, OUR TAX DOLLARS are funding a Suffolk County annex to Hunter Sports and the arrangement basically makes Suffolk County a TAXPAYER-FUNDED arms dealer.







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