South Yaphank Civic Association Inc. P.O. Box 375  Yaphank, NY  11980

The mission of the South Yaphank Civic Association
(SYCA) is to provide residents of Yaphank and Brookhaven hamlets with a forum to address issues of concern to our community.  We advocate for residentsí input in all decisions affecting our community, to ensure the safety of our neighborhoods, to enhance area property values, and to promote positive and strategic development of the area where appropriate and beneficial.  Our goal is to help to promote and preserve the historic community of Yaphank and provide timely communication of important information and facts between community members, other civic organizations and the elected and appointed decision makers of Brookhaven Town and Suffolk County.

Area residents can join SYCA by completing this membership form and paying the annual dues of $15.00 per household (for one year), or $25.00 per household (for 2 years).  These dues are used to cover costs such as printing, mailings, rents and fees for meeting halls and other venues.  Providing your email address will enable SYCA to keep you apprised of meetings, events, concerns and urgent issues.

Organizational and constitutional bylaws are available at each meeting.  Elections are held on an annual basis pursuant to our constitution and bylaws and any SYCA member can run for office.  SYCA is a non-profit organization whose sole interest is to address the concerns of its membership and community and is established and operated by its members for their mutual benefit.


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the Secretary/Treasurer at: 631-897-4716