Burning  until February 


Landfill decisions were made long before newly elected Brookhaven Supervisor Ed Romaine came on board. He answered our questions in this week’s front page story because he had concerns of his own about the burning at the landfill, how it was done, how long the county, state and FEMA would be there in the aftermath of Sandy. He has his hands full. But if anyone can turn this situation around, it’s Romaine. The Dennis Puleston Conservation Award given to him in 2007 by the Open Space Council was for 20 years of environmental work and he continued his path from there. 

The Brookhaven Community Coalition received a landfill victory last week in a legal deal with the town; the town would not apply for its height raise; if a situation warranted it in the future, the BCC would be notified. In return, the BCC dropped its Article 78 lawsuit. The next question is: Was the height raised without oversight before Sandy’s wrath? A map of the area is to be provided by next week. The burning of strictly wood debris is being monitored, we were told, and will go on until February of next year. This editor witnessed trucks entering and exiting the landfill on Tuesday.

While it was for a brief period of time, there seemed to be regular truck traffic in and out, almost minute by minute. There are three air curtain destructors at the site burning 3,500 cubic yards. A fourth air curtain destructor will be coming. We contacted the DEC for comment. They didn’t as of press time. Romaine is concentrating on a lot of key issues right now. With his leadership skills, we know he’ll be focusing on best practices at the landfill. Respiratory diseases are no laughing matter and this burning will produce a lot of particulates in the air. That area is, for want of a better word, beleaguered. He said he was open to hearing solutions from the BCC. We wish him well. We’ll also be watching.