When you call Public Safety with a noise complaint you have the right to:

Know the identity of the person you're speaking to (their I.D. number, badge number, etc.)

You can request to be interviewed in person

You can ask that readings be taken even if the responding officer doesn't think it will produce a violation

You can ask that the reading be taken from anywhere on your property.  By rule, an officer is only required to monitor noise from the nearest public area to your home (usually the street),
but if the noise is greater from elsewhere on or near your property (like from your backyard instead of from the street), you have the right to ask that the reading be taken from there instead.

On two occasions I have had officers take readings from my front yard (the street) and tell me that there was no violation.  But on each occasion, I asked that a reading be taken from my backyard (since that's where I hear it the loudest) and on both occasions a violation was recorded (69.7dB and 70.4dB -- and my yard is almost a half-mile from the center of the range!).


I have received some complaints about Code Enforcement not responding to calls, responding hours later or being "snarky" with people calling in complaints, claiming equipment failure, etc..
The Commissioner of Public Safety for Brookhaven is taking this seriously but to properly address these issues he needs to know the details of a given situation.

In the future, please send me (John Palasek) any information about problems you may be having with Code Enforcement and I will then be able to send those issues on to the Commissioner.

Please include the following:

Your name and address

The nature of your complaint

The time and day you called

Who you spoke to (their name and/or dispatch or shield number)

Supervisor Lesko has told me personally that he intends to treat noise complaints about the range as a top priority and that he urges everyone affected by noise to call Code Enforcement frequently (summonses can be issued Every TWO HOURS) The  Commissioner of Public Safety has been apprised of this as well.
If any problems are encountered they WILL be dealt with but Mr. Lesko and the Commissioner need to know specifically what those problems are.

Please do not allow any negative issues you may have experienced to keep you from calling in noise complaints!
There are bound to be some glitches along the way and these will be addressed as long as the correct information is forwarded to the town.

So if you have any problems, let ME know and I'll let THEM know.

But most importantly,

-John Palasek