Itís a startÖ
Long Island Advance  March 31, 2011

In our story about the Carmans River Watershed Protection Plan what we saw was residents and officials who love their river. It takes a lot to keep folks glued in their seats past 9 p.m. and beyond. The meeting went until 11 p.m.

This river represents a lot to folks. This vast ribbon of water softens their lives, making them breathe easier, think, catch fish at times, take a hike. It represents what Long Island stood for years ago, beauty and quality of life. The draft plan isnít as perfect as some would like and honestly, there are no easy answers. Peconic Baykeeper Kevin McAllister said that better wastewater discharge standards need to be set in place and we agree; the county has been dragging its feet on this because of leadership that started several administrations ago.

A few years ago, a new wastewater system was touted as the new savior by the county and now that has been questioned. This editor actually wrote about it and asked why the test period the county was using wasnít longer. As residents were stating concerns, folks were taking notes. While this plan didnít include votes from the civics, they were encouraged to attend the meetings. Their names are actually on the Acknowledgement page.

This plan is now moving forward. It will be tweaked and changed as it goes along but for it to succeed in the best way possible, that means that everyone needs to get on board. One civic member said he wasnít attending because he could see both sides and didnít want to offend anyone.

For the river to be protected, this plan needs to be supported. Stay the course and make your suggestions.