ATLANTIC NORTHEAST RAILS & PORTS – weekly trade newsletter 10#08B 7 September 2010

20 August, DC.

THE LONG-PROPOSED STONE TERMINAL IN YAPHANK TOOK ANOTHER STEP toward construction when the STB issued the Final Environmental Assessment this day. The Board’s Section of Environmental Analysis ‘concludes that the construction and operation of the proposed rail line would not result in any significant environmental impacts if the mitigation measures recommended in this Final EA are imposed and implemented. Therefore, preparation of an EIS is not necessary.’ {page 10} [Page numbers refer to the SEA decision.] 



According to published reports, the companies participating in the stone move from the Albany region to Long Island are related to each other. 

Sills Road Realty was formed to build the Brookhaven Rail Terminal (BRT). {US Rail Petition for Exemption, verified statement of Gerald Drumm–see US Rail article} 

D.A.Collins owns Jointa Galusha and Pallette Stone. {D.A.Collins website} The two quarries will be primary sources of stone to the BRT. {10#07A Sills comment} 

Sills Group owns Empire Asphalt and Scatt Materials. {this article} as well as Sills Road Realty (lessor of the Yaphank site) and Sills Road Materials (customer at Yaphank site). {US Rail article, this issue} 

Universal Ready Mix, Empire Asphalt, and Prima Asphalt and Concrete [the Holtsville site operator] are ‘related companies.’ {manta website, Universal Ready Mix listing} 

Sills Road Material and D.A.Collins are ‘related’ in that an affiliate of Pallette Stone is building the BRT. {D&H’s Stauch cited in 10#07

Another tiny railroad 
D.A.Collins [see ‘Stone Moves’ article] has joined with Landbridge Intermodal [no mention of such a company from Google–editor], Pratt Brothers Construction, Watral & Sons and US Rail to construct a new facility, the Brookhaven Rail Terminal (BRT) in Yaphank, east of Holtsville in Long Island’s Town of Brookhaven, served by NYA. Pratt and Watral will build the complex [on land leased from Sills Road
Realty–see ‘Stone Moves’ article], Landbridge will operate it, and US Rail, operating as a tiny short line on 18,000 linear feet of track (about 3.4 miles), will interchange with NYA to switch the facility. 

According to filings with the STB, BRT is targeting traffic of 500,000 tons per year of crushed stone. The joint venture has completed a “Stipulation of Settlement” agreement with the Town of Brookhaven and Sills Group which was filed with the Board on 26 April {page 10}. {David Winzelberg Long Island Business News 19.Mar.10} ‘One principal customer, Sills Road Materials, will be serviced by the Terminal.’ {affidavit of Gabriel Hall, president of US Rail, in support of a petition for a temporary restraining order against the STB’s order to cease construction activity at the Yaphank signed 8 November 2007 in action in US Court
of Appeal for the Second Circuit, attached to US Rail 2 May 2008 Petition for Clarification of STB’s order
to cease, STB website, filings page, Finance Docket No. 35036} Existing rail traffic: ‘LIRR commuter train service passing the proposed project area consists of four daily westbound trains (into NYC) and four daily eastbound trains (out from NYC). Weekend daily service consists of two westbound and two eastbound trains (MTA 2009). NY&A operates local freight service along the LIRR mainline, which provides approximately ten freight movements per week (five in each direction).... ‘U S Rail expects that the proposed rail line and related rail facilities would initially handle between 5,000 and 6,000 inbound aggregate railcars annually.

U S Rail proposes to move an average of six trains per week: three inbound trains, each consisting of approximately 40 to 50 railcars of aggregate delivered to the BRT, and three outbound trains per week consisting of 40 to 50 empty railcars. {page 4} {STB website, decisions page, SEA decision Finance Docket No. 35141 26.July.10} 

No solid waste ‘U S Rail also has specifically agreed to not handle solid waste [or C&D] at the BRT site.
In its “Stipulation of Settlement” with the Town of Brookhaven, U S Rail has agreed that “operations at the Property shall not include the collection, sorting, separation, processing (including but not limited to, baling, crushing, compacting and shredding), incineration, treatment, management, disposal, transport or transfer of solid waste and construction and demolition debris unless required under federal law or regulations.”