The South Yaphank Civic Association


The South Yaphank Civic Association (SYCA) was founded by Johan McConnell in 2004.  Prior attempts at forming a civic association for the area were unsuccessful due to the "newness" of much of the community as well as a resistance to community activism on behalf of existing residents.

When Johan arrived in South Yaphank, she recognized a variety of issues affecting the area and reached out to both old and new residents and managed to bring both groups together in realizing that many of the problems we faced could be addressed if we simply pooled our resources and our experiences and worked together. 

Though some problems still exist and surely more will come, the South Yaphank Civic Association has, in a relatively short period of time, addressed much of the area's concerns and has established itself as a professional, articulate and factual organization earning the respect and admiration of many in local and county government as well as of other civic and community organizations. 

Our goal is to promote and preserve the historic community of Yaphank and to exchange timely communication of important information and facts to our community members, to other civic organizations and to the elected and appointed State, County and Local decision makers.




SYCA Board
of Directors

President: (TBA)

Vice-president: (TBA)

Karen Palasek

Joanne Steigerwald
Mike Weyand


2013 South Yaphank Civic Association